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Voting opens for Fierté Canada Pride 2020 Themes

Following an overwhelming response from the community, we closed the 2020 theme submissions with a total of 84 theme ideas. Thank you to everyone who submitted a theme idea. The list has been narrowed down to the TOP 11 theme ideas, which are now open for voting!

In alphabetical order, the TOP 11 themes are as follows:

2020 – I can see queerly now

2020 Your Vision, Our Mission
Hindsight is often 2020. Let’s look back on history and and highlight pivotal moments to move Pride forward

Beyond Tolerance

Be you, don’t be afraid to show your beauty.

Canada a Country we can have Pride In
Celebrating pride in our country.

Come as You Are

Come together, Celebrate together, Learn Together, Grow together
In a world that is more and more divided, there is a need to recognize that 2SLGBTQIA+ folks can be each others’ family. While we struggle with racism, sexism, ableism, discrimination and oppression in our community, we all struggle with oppression from folks who would turn back the rights we have fought so hard for. It is time to stand together, support one another and be kinder to each other.

I am enough, no matter who I am or what others think of me. I love myself no matter what. I AM ENOUGH

Making room and opening up centre stage for those in the LGBTTQ community who are often given a backseat, those who are marginalized in other ways as well… people of colour, people with low income, immigrants, people with disabilities, etc.

Pride: Past, Present and Future
We’ve come along way and still have a ways to go so why not celebrate the people who’ve spoken out and shared their stories over the years. There are people in Winnipeg doing amazing things right now for the community too. Let’s also celebrate the next generation of people who are speaking out to encourage acceptance and love.

Reach OUT
We are facing so many tragedies in our lgbtq+ community and 2019 has been a particularly hard year. Our community is a strong one filled with brave individuals. We all have inner demons that we are struggling with and yet so many feel alone. We as a community have to see these signs in ourselves, and others, and REACH OUT to help one another. Our youth and even adults need to know that there is a community waiting for them to come out of their battles victorious. There are resources available everywhere but many are unaware of what they may be or just scared to use them. Here would be an opportunity for all the people, forums, groups and resource centres to come together and provide options for people who are struggling. We all need to reach out for the people who can’t and show the people who want to, where to do this. SUBMITTED BY JACKSON UNGER


Voting is open until February 16th, 2020 at 11:59pm. Voting is limited to one vote per email address.

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