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Statement Reaffirming Pride Winnipeg as a Non-Partisan Organization

Pride Winnipeg Festival Inc. is a voluntary, not-for-profit Community Organization incorporated under the Laws of Manitoba whose purpose is to provide an opportunity for LGBTTQ* persons and their allies to celebrate their culture, heritage and diversity. We achieve this through the coordination and facilitation of an annual Festival to celebrate and showcase the diversity of the LGBTTQ* community in and around Winnipeg.

Pride Winnipeg is a non-partisan organization that works with all government officials and parties at all levels in an effort to fulfill our purpose and mandate. Pride Winnipeg does not endorse any candidate for any office; local, provincial or federal nor any political party they may represent or be affiliated to. The political views, actions or affiliations of individual members of Pride Winnipeg do not represent the views of the organization. In the past, Pride Winnipeg has prepared scorecards objectively presenting the public views of different candidates and their associated political parties during election periods and intends to continue doing so for future provincial and federal elections.

Pride Winnipeg – The Pride of the Prairies – is one of the largest celebrations between Toronto and Vancouver of LGBTTQ* (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, two-spirit, queer, questioning, intersex, and pansexual) people and their allies, supporters and friends. Our mission is to affirm the lives of everyone by generating and participating in events that celebrate the history, culture, spirit and pride of people within the Winnipeg community. We invite everyone from far and wide to join our welcoming city and celebrate Pride in Winnipeg – the heart of the continent.

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