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Show Your Pride – The Year’s Best Pride Decorations

Winnipeg’s Pride Season is one of the best in Canada – thanks to a vibrant festival and parade, as well as a variety of community events, Winnipeg’s GSRD community always celebrates in style.

To keep our community safe this year, Pride Winnipeg has gone virtual. But, that doesn’t mean we won’t still be celebrating loud and proud! We’ve come up with some creative ideas to help you decorate your house or workplace.

Back to Basics

Pride Winnipeg’s online store currently has two selections of Pride flags you can purchase to decorate your room or house.

The large 3×5’ flags come in a variety of styles representing different GSRD communities. You can hang these flags in your room or even outside your house to show your support and love.

You can attach the small, handheld Pride flag to your car or plant it in the grass in front of your house.

Door Decor

An awesome way to show your support is to decorate your house – start with your front door!

A DIY Pride wreath is the ultimate way to spice up your front door. You can have as much fun as you want with it and make it as big or as small as you want.

And, if you don’t have time to make your own, you can always support local sellers.

My 2 Moms Crafts – 20″ Pride Wreath

Another great way to decorate your space is to create (or purchase) a festive doormat. This will jazz up your entryway and is the perfect way to welcome guests you may be (safely) celebrating with.

You can buy a plain doormat and some paint from a local craft store – get artistic and paint away! Not so crafty? No problem – support local and check out what makers in your area have for sale.

image of pride rug
Etsy – Pride Doormat from AdoorableStore

Create with Paper

Paper is a great décor medium! You can use recycled paper, paint newspaper or flyers bound for the trash using plant-based dyes, and so much more. We love that paper products are more sustainable than other materials like plastic.

Try making your own rainbow by making paper chains with coloured paper and hanging it from the wall. Have fun with this – you can customize your design and make it uniquely yours.

pride flag made out of paper
Image retrieved from Pinterest

We also loved this Pinterest DIY idea using coloured paper to make layered rainbow hearts. Make a variety of these hearts and attach them using coloured ribbon. Hang them on a wall, or even your fence!

Just remember that paper products may not be very durable, so if you want your decorations to last, you may want to keep them inside and away from unpredictable Winnipeg weather.

rainbow hearts made out of coloured paper
Image retrieved from Pinterest

If you want to keep your decorations minimal (but still cute!), you can use paper to make different origami shapes in the colours of the rainbow. String these shapes together and hang them from different places. This is a great way to low-key pride up your house.

Image retrieved from Pinterest

Work With What You’ve Got

Let’s avoid common single-use decor items, like balloons and other single-use plastics that are harmful to the environment, and get creative with the supplies we have on hand. Let’s get creative with the supplies we have on hand – you’d be surprised what you can create with items you already own.

With the hot weather we’ve been enjoying this summer, you may have some pool noodles laying around that are at the end of their pool-life. Now is the perfect time to upcycle any dried out (or new!) pool noodles. Using pool noodles of different colours, you can create rainbows and flags that have a cool 3D effect.

rainbow made out of plastic
Retrieved from My Eye 4 DIY

Crochet Away

A lot of people took up knitting, needlepoint, and crocheting during the pandemic – it’s a great way to keep your mind busy! With the rise in popularity of crochet, some of you may already be total pros – Pride may be the perfect opportunity to put those skills to use!

With so many different textures and colours of yarn available, the sky is the limit with what you can crochet. You can make your own flags, blankets, or even rugs if you have the time and patience. Opt for recycled yarn whenever possible. Check out ArtsJunktion for reclaimed arts and craft supplies.

crochet in rainbow colours
Retrieved from Instagram @kat_ina_hat_crochets

Beginners welcome! This website has a great step-by-step tutorial to follow so you can crochet your own mini Pride flag.

rainbow bracelete
Retrieved from Unicorn Hideout website

Wind Power

Another sustainable decoration you can make are pinwheels. These may seem a little out of the ordinary but they are definitely cute! Plant some of these unexpected (and super easy to make) pinwheels in your yard to show your support. You can definitely make your own with paper or support local sellers.

Etsy – Rainbow Pinwheel from SummerSpinner

Check out our mood board for more inspiration on how to decorate your space for this year’s Virtual Pride.

mood board with lost of pride-related DIY ideas

We hope that our tips can help everyone have a little more fun this year! Share your décor with us on social media by tagging us @pridewinnipeg – we can’t wait to celebrate with you.

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