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Winnipeg, Manitoba – March 20, 2024

Pride Winnipeg is excited to release our 2024 theme — “Transcend Together”.

“Transcend Together” embodies the collective strength and unity within the queer community. It emphasizes the empowerment and resilience of trans individuals, advocating for the protection of trans rights and the celebration of their unique identities. This theme embraces inclusivity, highlighting the diverse spectrum of identities within the queer community and fostering solidarity among all members. It draws inspiration from the resilience of the community throughout history, emphasizing that together, we transcend barriers and stand strong in support of one another.

“Pride Winnipeg is thrilled to announce our theme for the 2024 Festival season,” says Executive Director, Sean Irvine. “Transcend Together is a heartfelt call to bolster love and support for our trans-identifying community members in a year marked by a distressing rise in hate speech and violence against the trans community. Through Transcend Together, Pride Winnipeg and the broader 2SLGBTQ+ community aim to fortify solidarity with our trans family, standing united against ignorance and hate.”

“True to our tradition, we remain committed to celebrating all members of the 2SLGBTQ+ community, striving for freedom and equal rights with each festival,” Irvine continues. “We anticipate this year’s Transcend Together 2024 Pride Winnipeg Festival to be bigger and better than ever before! With that said, let’s come together and demonstrate the strength and unity of Winnipeg and Manitoba’s Pride community to all of Canada!”

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Barry Karlenzig
President, Pride Winnipeg
866-611-4456 Ext 101

Sean Irvine
Executive Director, Pride Winnipeg
866-611-4456 Ext 102

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