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2019 Pride Winnipeg Festival Theme and Newly Developed Kidszone Revealed


(Winnipeg, MB; March 4 2019)–Pride Winnipeg is thrilled to announce its theme for the 2019 Pride Winnipeg Festival: “Pride of Colour”.

Pride theme logo 2019

“With growing resurgence in the GSRD community, the understanding of marginalized and generally silenced voices has started making and taking over spaces. One of the frequently overlooked and commonly ignored intersection is race and colour of GSRD community. Generally, people of colour and pride are perceived as two ends of the whole community, where one is labelled as the symbol of privilege and the other is categorically oppressed and marginalized. Actively bridging the gap is the only way to bring the holistic GSRD community together.”

Read more about year’s theme or share your story.

In addition to the theme, Pride Winnipeg is excited to announce the newly developed KidsZone as part of the Festival at the Forks:

This year we have expanded and built an entire area for the young and young at heart.  The new KidsZone will be complete with a stage, live entertainment from 12 -5PM both Saturday and Sunday, My Gym mobile play area, concessions, Blue Bombers obstacle course, slide, and football toss to name just a few of the many attractions in this new area.

We have also worked with Parks Canada to open the Variety Heritage Adventure Park and splash pad from 12 – 5 both days.

The 2019 Pride Winnipeg Festival runs from May 24th to June 2nd with events throughout the community. A two-day Festival at the Forks will take place on June 1st and 2nd from 12pm to 7pm.

Pride Winnipeg Festival–The Pride of the Prairies –is one of the largest celebrations between Toronto and Vancouver of gender, sexual, and relationship diverse (GSRD) people and their allies, supporters and friends. Our Vision is to live in a society in which all gender and sexually diverse individuals can live their life without fear or oppression for being themselves. For more information about the Pride Winnipeg Festival please visit

Pride Winnipeg Festival media contact:

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