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2013 Theme Announced!

Pride Winnipeg announced today the theme for the 2013 Pride Festival.

In a Media Launch that took place at the Delta Hotel today, members of the Pride Winnipeg board reflected on the past Pride Festivals that have shaped Winnipeg’s LGBTTQ* community.

“Today would not be possible if it were not for the successful realization of Pride 25. Endless thanks are due to our generous partners whom helped secure the future of the Winnipeg Pride Festival,” said Pride President, Jonathan Niemczak. “Furthermore, the exhaustive efforts of the 2012 Pride committee will never be forgotten both by ourselves and the thousands of people who attended Pride 25 and for that we are ever grateful.”

It has been acknowledged that Pride 25, which included an internationally covered “Lighting of the Leg” event, has been one of the most successful and exhilarating Pride Festivals to date. Having drawn in an estimated 30,000 people for the Festival, the board this year is aiming higher than ever.

“I’m thrilled to announce that we have a very exciting Pride Festival in the works for you this year,” continued Niemczak. “After Pride 25, we set a standard for what we must deliver to the citizens of Winnipeg and those that we welcome to our city with open arms.”

It was then that the lights dimmed and Entertainment Coordinator, JD Francis from Energy 106, prepared the audience for the entry of the Pride 2013 theme. Being guided by members of the Winnipeg Roller Derby League, a beautiful sign emblazoned with the word “equALL” rolled into the room.

“The theme was inspired,” said Vice-President Craig Theriault, “by the fact that we all desire full equality.” The additional ‘L’ guides the viewer to the word ‘ALL’, which provides the idea of ‘ALL equal’. The shapes of ‘ALL’ are transparent; to symbolize that Pride Winnipeg has no hidden agendas and is committed to working for awareness, the community and equality. The shapes were designed to appear 3-dimensional and leaning on each other as we are a diverse, multi-dimensional, ever-evolving community.

The Winnipeg Pride Festival will take place May 24- June 3 and is estimated to attract over 35,000 people to the Rally, Parade and Forks Festival grounds.

Pride Winnipeg also announced that members of the public can expect a YouTube miniseries to debut tomorrow at the Gio’s Launch Party.

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