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Merci à Fierté Winnipeg de faire rayonner notre communauté LGBTQ*!


This was my first year at Pride. As someone who has struggled with my sexual identity for over 30 years I feel it is important to reach out to everyone who’s sexual identity isn’t what the bulk of world thinks is ‘normal’. Those of us who don’t conform with normal regardless of where they fit should feel like they have somewhere to turn when the rest of the world marginalizes them. In spite of the problems with the path and lack of curb cuts and using up a disproportionate amount of battery power just to get started at the parade I had a wonderful time. I would participate again (now that I am older and wiser).


Pride Winnipeg is the most fun event to go to! With it being inclusive to all ages and gender, as well as work towards being more accessible, it definitely makes for a fun time!


I had such an amazing time. It was such a fun and loving environment. Everyone was so non-judgmental and accepting, it was incredible.


I came from Thunder Bay, Ontario. This was my first pride experience, and it would be hard to top it!!! I had such a great time, watching the parade it left me in awe! I was at the forks on Saturday and enjoyed the atmosphere, you couldn’t help but be happy and smiling. All the volunteers were super friendly and very helpful. I would definitely travel the 8 hours to visit next year! I will cherish my time there and tell others about the wonderful time I had there!
Thank you!!!!


Winnipeg Pride showcases the best of our diverse community. It’s a blast!


Pride Winnipeg was and always will be the most comforting and safe celebration of our community, I look forward to it from the day it ends until it begins again.


As a senior with some mobility issues, I appreciated the presence of the RRC’s trolley, and actually got invited to ride with them part way through the march.
PS I walked the whole route myself, a major accomplishment for me. I’ve been out for 18 years, and enjoyed many Prides in several cities during those years. But this year, bringing my bio family and my chosen family together was a unique, powerful experience for me. At Portage and Main, I took an awkward pirouette on my cane, celebrating the moment of pure bliss with a few tears of joy. I’m truly fortunate!


We are a city that stands proud of our community.

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