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Sustainability is one of Pride Winnipeg’s five foundational values. We want to ensure that future generations can celebrate Pride, and that starts with reducing our environmental impact today.


two people and a bike at the forks


Pride brings a lot of traffic to The Forks. To encourage visitors to leave their cars at home, we add bike racks to festival site entrances. The Forks is less than a 40-minute bike ride from most parts of the city, and you’ll get the best parking spots for free.

people in the liquor mart area


In 2017, we composted beverage cups at The Forks for the first time. We are now expanding the composting program to the whole festival site so that food scraps can be composted—meat, dairy, and bones included. You will also be able to compost all cups, cutlery, containers, napkins, and straws from our concessionaires.

two volunteers working on recycling


We’ve been recycling for years, but sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference. Starting in 2017, we placed recycling bins next to every garbage bin, making recycling an effortless choice. Along with an expanded volunteer team, this simple change helped us triple the recyclables we collected. We’ll be using the same system this year, but with the addition of a compost option.

three people sitting and a bottle of water on a table

No More Bottled Water

In 2017 we cut our use of bottled water in half. In 2018, none of our concessionaires will be selling water. Bring a bottle to fill up at the Forks’ Shoal Lake Refill Station, or you can visit the info tent for a compostable cup if you’re in a pinch.

Questions about sustainability?

Want more information about how Pride Winnipeg is helping creating a better future? Send an email to our Sustainability Team, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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